Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6th Grade Spelling

My first non fiction book is live on the Kindle today, after 90 days it will be released via the Nook as well.
It was a trial and error experience learning how to format it correctly and we still have a few things to tweak when we figure out how on the Table of Contents but I hope other homeschool parents will find the book informative and useful.

I wrote up our complete spelling curriculum and offered over 300 words to use for 6th graders.  I divided up each day into activities that strengthen their writing, spelling, reading, and speaking.  I believe that while some standard spelling teaching methods do work it's important to implement other activities as well and experiment to find what fits your child perfectly.

With that in mind the book contains several ideas and you can modify it to fit your needs or methods.  If nothing else the extensive word list is worth the 4.99 price. 
Kindle owners can borrow it for free from the lending library.

There are other grades being planned and those will also contain 300 words each with various activities.  I spent a lot of time developing worksheets and small lessons that are included in these books.  
There is also an answer key included.

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