Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rocks are Fun!

For science we have been studying rocks and minerals.  This is one of those areas where we have gone more in depth than he covered in 3rd grade.  He hasn't been exactly enthusiastic.  "It's just rocks, mom."

So we made a visit to the Planetarium last week.  He thought it was a cool way to get some Science credit for school and play with some demonstrations.  He never knew my secret ninja plan.  I even happily agreed to let him browse the gift shop and purchase a little bag of pretty, polished rocks.  All along I was searching for my secret weapon.  I found it.  Purchased it with his rocks.  Brought it home and put it away quietly for this week.

Yesterday, I pulled it out.

Yes, it is a simple little test kit with some mineral samples.  To a boy it is fun in a box.  For about 10.00 your son's eyes will light up for an hour.  He will run all of the tests on the rocks but the most fun is when you let him break it for the cleavage/fracture test.  We saved a couple of minerals in tact for test day but for the most part I just let him have fun as he filled in his chart.
A copy of the chart we used can be found here: Mineral Chart
We also used this guide

It also had me look up our local minerals and rocks.  I am hoping to take a Saturday trip and collect a few of our state's rocks/minerals to bring home and sample.  This should be a fun way to entertain the family for a day without breaking the bank.

Oh and if you are wondering the outcome of the story, did mom win? Yes, yes she did.  After breaking a few rocks, I asked him if science was fun.  His answer? "Yes!"

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