Friday, March 2, 2012

Layover: Humor

Yesterday we tested in most of our subjects and wrapped up unit studies.  Today is Friday and I'm really trying not to delve too deep into brand new units or chapters that he is going to forget come Monday.  So we're doing some busy work that fills space and gives me a chance to access where he is in his subjects.

So for writing, our Review unit was complete and I decided to go for an easy writing prompt.  Thinking I wanted something fun and light hearted because he had just completed a unit that was very intense and I expected a lot out of his writing for that.  I wanted to remind him of the lighter side of writing and bring some humor to our Friday afternoon.  I loved the website I found for writing prompts.  If you home school, you MUST check this out.  The prompts here are so good and look so fun, I think they just might become our Friday routine.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with.  It might even be good for his old, author mom to put her skills to the test next to him and let loose with a few of these.

Here's that link:

Now today our prompt was: Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone Who Just Got Dumped

I laughed.  He's going to fuss at me for blogging this but here are some gems from my favorite twelve year old boy in the world:

"At least now I can date her."
"At least my dog still likes you."
"Want to go on a double date? Ooh, wait.."
"You'll never guess who just asked me out.  Well, maybe you can."
"You'll never find anyone like that again." isn't always BORING.  Have fun!!! Don't be afraid of the lighter side of life.  It engages their brains too.  I promise.

And here's a little photo of the couple we all wish would have broken up when one got eaten by a werewolf:

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