Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes We All Want Cookies

School is hard! Any parent regardless of their educational choices for their children can relate to this.  Today's post is for all of us.  Every parent today plays some role in their child's education.  The schools depend on it when they assign homework.  Is there a school out there who isn't doing reading journals of some sort?  That is basically mom & dad's homework.
You have to write how many minutes your child read and sign the journal.  Or you have to sign this.  Or sign that.  Or read to them.  Read with them.  Watch this.  Answer this.  Discuss this.
For the home school parent we get to make a choice.  Teach even the hard stuff or take the easy route some home schooling does and skip it.  Well, life isn't about skipping the hard stuff.  It's about taking the plunge into the unknown.  Hug the un-love-able things like Algebra.  Wrap your mind around science in all of it's complexities.  You aren't doing anyone any favors if you pick and choose to not teach subjects you aren't familiar with.
Not only do you deprive your child of knowledge that other students have, you deprive yourself of the learning experience.
But soapbox aside, today wasn't about whining or lecturing. No advice.  No quick wit.
Today's post was all about mommy wanting cookies.  She's tired.  She worked hard.  She pushed through Meiosis lessons in Science, least common denominator with fractions in Math, read a report on a state cabinet, typed up the spelling list, helped prepare a writing blog for book reviewing (instead of the old book report formats), and in general researched, taught, got frustrated, laughed, shook her head and figured it all out to finish a productive day in school.
Now ....give....her....a ....cookie.  Please????
Preferably one of those limited edition Birthday Cake Oreo's.
I think I'm going to sob when those go off the market.
Because today, is just a cookie day.
And those oreo's are so good I'm neglecting the girl scout cookies.  
If you love birthday cake ice cream and all of that jazz - I recommend trying these before they are gone.
Hopefully my husband reads this and buys me some cookies!!!!!!
Must have cookies to fuel my brain for tomorrow.  Meiosis test day.  Lots of cookies.

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